What is C-3 Parenting?


On my journey as a professional family life educator and as a parent myself, I have found that it is impossible to know what is the best way to parent my children. Because of the overabundance of suggestions from family, friends, books, and websites we are constantly second guessing, reacting and redirecting.  This can be so frustrating and many of us begin to feel that we can never do it “right.”  We are left wandering through the parenting journey just hoping that our kids will turn out ok.

I want to propose that there is a better way.  Rather than moving from trend to trend or taking advice haphazardly, I want parents to become confident, proactive, and positive about raising their children.  In my speaking and parent coaching I tend to continually come back to three words all which begin with C…thus C-3 Parenting.  Although these three things are not the end all be all of good parenting…I do believe they provide a solid base.

C-3 Parents are the following:

1. Compassionate

2. Consistent

3. Calibrating

This blog will chronicle my parenting journey and how these three words are applied in real day to day life with my three children.  I hope to encourage parents to see that they too can be a C-3 parent.

1 Response to What is C-3 Parenting?

  1. adoptionista says:

    I love this concept!

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