Coming out of Hibernation

It is March 13th and there is snow on the ground.  While this may be the norm in some years, this has been a strangely warm and mild winter in St. Louis, and I am totally thrown off.   The snow will be melted by the time the kids are home from school and by the end of the week, it should be back in the 60’s and Spring will again be upon us.

This strange seasonal transition is also a bit like this blog post, the first in almost 5 years.  When I started this blog, I was a mom of two young girls, dealing with diapers and tantrums, I was discovering myself as a parent who was balancing career with the needs of my children.  We were transitioning from our life in Texas to a temporary housing situation in St. Louis.  It was 2012 and I was totally thrown off.  By 2017, the haze of raising babies and toddlers has worn off, and springing up again is energy to share and walk alongside my fellow parents who have been through the trenches and are navigating the “Spring” of raising school-aged children.  I’m so excited to be coming out of hibernation!

I remember that years ago, some of my friends and mentors used to tell me, “you will think differently about your theory when you are dealing with your own kids.”  It always troubled me to question if the way I wanted to parent would be the way I put developmental theory to practice.  Now, with eight years under my belt, three girls with very different personalities, two children with special needs, more parenting books read, more articles debated, I am still the same parent I wanted to be; perhaps even an enhanced version.

Rather than looking back at my “childish” ideas with regret or disdain, I look back with gratitude and vulnerability.  I am not a perfect parent by any means, and neither are you, but I am a work in progress.  I am a thoughtful and reflective parent, who is constantly hoping to instill in my children a sense of wonder and transformative insight.

  • I want to raise out of the box thinkers who challenge norms
    • (even when that makes raising them challenging).
  • I want to raise empathetic community dwellers who see the needs of others above their own
    • (even with that sense of empathy causes emotional depth that is difficult to navigate).
  •  I want to raise self-regulated dreamers who know that it is through hard work, disappointment and even failure that we grow and learn and that process is often more important than a product
    • (even when that means I have to walk through the valley of shame or fear with my child).

I would guess many of my fellow parents want those things too!  While the heart of this blog will remain the same as it was five years ago, my gray hairs and a little more experience will enrich my writing. I hope to be able to share with you all my stories, my discoveries, my failures and my parenting wins in my journey to truly embrace the values of compassion, consistency, and calibration.

Have a topic you want me to cover?  Read an article or book and want to know my thoughts?  Please send ideas my way through the C-3 parenting facebook page OR by emailing me at

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