About Angie

Angie Walston is a Family Life Educator in the St. Louis, MO area with over a decade of experience in working with children and families.  She specializes in parent training and consulting as well as professional development workshops and currently works with families and children at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church/Reliant Church.

Her passions are training parents and students in child development, introducing proactive strategies for healthy families and facilitating a deeper compassion and insight toward children and their unique perspectives on the world.

Angie serves the Interim Program Director for the Master of Human Services program at Concordia University Nebraska.  She also provided direct family support and contact at The Parenting Center in Fort Worth, Texas and the TCU Institute of Child Development.  Angie has served Associate Instructor of Psychology at Maryville University taught at  Texas Christian University and theUniversity of North Texas.

Angie received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Texas Christian University in 2003 and her Master’s degree in Development and Family Studies from the University of North Texas in 2004 and became Certified Family Life Educator in 2009.

Angie and her husband Bobby are parents to Maddie (age 9) and Cady (age 7) and Eley (age 5). They love the outdoors, trips to Farmer’s Market, and family time together in the kitchen.  They currently live in Tower Grove Park.


One Response to About Angie

  1. New updates are coming to C-3 Parenting soon as we move to St. Louis, MO in two weeks. Keep us as I launch new posts and begin teaching classes, coaching and consulting in St. Louis and online.

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