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Coming out of Hibernation

It is March 13th and there is snow on the ground.  While this may be the norm in some years, this has been a strangely warm and mild winter in St. Louis, and I am totally thrown off.   The … Continue reading

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Controlling my inner “Bad Mommy”

Several weeks ago, during our bedtime ritual, Maddie told me quite matter of factly, “Mommy you did a good job today”. To which I replied “Thank you sweetie, what do you mean?” She responded “Bad mommy never got mad and … Continue reading

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Why I’m not that kind of “Attachment Parent”

Dear Friends and Parents out there reading, I believe I have delayed posting an attachment post long enough. As many of you know, I am a self-proclaimed “attachment junkie”. I have spent the majority of my academic and professional life … Continue reading

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Being a Working Mom/Stay at Home Mom isn’t the Problem

I am in Week 6 of being a mostly stay at home mom (OK…so really I am working 4 hours a week out of the home and 10 hours a week in the home…but still more stay at home than … Continue reading

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Involved grandparents can make life grand

    Involved grandparents can make life grand | Read a great article that I consulted on.  Yay for involved grandparents.

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Is Being MORE about my kids always being LESS about me?

Today as we arrived in St. Louis my Maddie was having a hard time and I, being a gem of a mom, was annoyed. After all, shouldn’t she be excited to see our new house after two days of driving? … Continue reading

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Weekly Links- What is Empathy?

I am going to start posting a Weekly Links where I lead you to some other’s thoughts on the key words I use on my blog.  I will also include a homework assignment with the weekly links posting.  Please feel … Continue reading

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