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Anyone Else Out There Tired?

I am tired.  Sometimes really tired.  In fact, I am the fall asleep while I put my kids down for nap and for bed tired (and yes, I do lay with my Maddie to help her fall asleep and have … Continue reading

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Embracing Tantrums

tantrum noun  [ˈtæntrəm] (often plural)  A childish fit of rage; outburst of bad temper Fall has hit St. Louis, and along with the beautiful changing colors of leaves, the cool breeze and, at least today, the overcast skies and rain, have come … Continue reading

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Why I Quit Time-Out

time–out noun \ˈtīm-ˈau̇t\ a brief suspension of activity : a break; a quiet period used especially as a disciplinary measure for children I have been deeply conflicted about time out for a while.  As a positive, non-violent, non-corporal punishment advocating professional I have taught … Continue reading

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Why Rules?

rule [r-oo-l] A usual, customary, or generalized course of action or behavior  As life has finally settled down and our family is adjusting to the new pace and routine of life, I can finally re-establish my life in the blogosphere! … Continue reading

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Life in Transition

transition [tran-zish-uhn]  A going across or over. Movement, passage or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc. to another; CHANGE. I could think of no other way to re-enter my blogging world than to acknowledge the current state … Continue reading

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