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Controlling my inner “Bad Mommy”

Several weeks ago, during our bedtime ritual, Maddie told me quite matter of factly, “Mommy you did a good job today”. To which I replied “Thank you sweetie, what do you mean?” She responded “Bad mommy never got mad and … Continue reading

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Anyone Else Out There Tired?

I am tired.  Sometimes really tired.  In fact, I am the fall asleep while I put my kids down for nap and for bed tired (and yes, I do lay with my Maddie to help her fall asleep and have … Continue reading

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What is Consistency?

con·sis·tent [kən-ˈsis-tənt] –adj marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction How many of us would describe our parenting as any of those words?  Marked by harmony? I mean, we all have our moments but would … Continue reading

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