C-3 Parenting Launches

Welcome to C-3 Parenting!  I am so excited to finally get this up and running (all it took was a four day snow week in the Dallas/Fort Worth area).  My hope is that you find encouragement, humor and some challenging thoughts as you read this blog and digest what it means to be a C-3 parent.  A few notes to start us off:

1.  I am not endorsing any one parenting curriculum, approach or theory though I will mention some that I like.  I believe that all parents need to be the experts on their own children and in doing so need to find what works best for them.  In my opinion as long as you are following the three Cs many techniques can work.

2.  I am not the perfect parent.  I make bad calls, have to apologize to my kids and husband, and get into parenting funks….being a C-3 parent is about the journey.  Its how we recover from the parenting “oopses” not about not making them.

3.  I love to hear from people about their thoughts and feedback…However, please no attacking each other in rude or harsh ways.

I’m glad to be on this journey with you and look forward to our C-3 journey together.


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